European Projects

European Projects

Duration: 3 semesters

Format: full-time


Head of the MA program: Prof. Dr. Maria Stoicheva

Tel.: 873 97 96



Graduates acquire the qualification of Master of European Studies - European projects. The education is targeted towards a wide range of professionals holding a BA or MA degree and has a strong practical orientation. They are trained to develop, participate, implement and evaluate various projects.

The program prepares highly qualified experts as per the needs of various national, local, regional, educational or cultural institutions and non-governmental organisations.

The program provides:

  • meeting the needs of professionals working in competitive and crisis environments requiring to efficiently overcome the boundaries between theory and practice;
  • familiarisation with different models of design, management, evaluation, funding, legal, media and information coverage for various types of projects;
  • selection, composing, modifying and implementing various project ideas and objectives in various fields;
  • technical design and implementation of project tasks according to the needs of different clients;
  • insight in the scientific aspects of project activity.