European Studies and Social Sciences

European Studies and Social Sciences


Duration: 4 semesters
Format: distance learning


Head of the MA program: Prof. Georgi Dimitrov, Dr. Habil.

Tel.: 971 10 02, extension 346


The MA program in European Studies and Social Sciences aims to enhance the qualification of professionals, who work in the field of social life with a direct connection to European integration as well as of secondary school teachers in Literature, Philosophy, History and other subjects in the humanities to teach EU integration and civil society issues.


Graduates can work both in the sphere of education and in governmental and non-governmental organisations dealing with EU integration process, with preparation and analysis of EU projects or with research in the processes and trends in contemporary Europe and the relations between Bulgaria and the EU.

The program’s advantages are related to the interdisciplinary training it offers, as well as to the electronic distance format of the learning process which allows for individual communication between students and lecturers. Students graduate with a MA thesis defense. Graduates receive the qualification of Master of European Studies and Social Sciences.