Prof. Ingrid Shikova, PhD


Prof. Ingrid Shikova is one of the founders of the "European Studies" program at Sofia University, Head of the Department (2007-2011) and the “godmother” of each year’s class. Expert on EU policies. You will meet her in the second year of your studies, when she will walk you through the complicated subject-matter of "EU policies" and "European programs and project management."

Prof. Dr Shikova’s professional career has been devoted to European integration. She has specialized at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium; University of Limerick, Ireland; Netherlands Economic Institute in Rotterdam; the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London and others. Former director of the Center for European Studies and the Information Center of the European Union and adviser to the European Commission Representation. A member of Team Europe. Holder of the Honorary Blue Ribbon Insignia of Sofia University.


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